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Mike Dennis Mike Dennis
Mike Dennis – No GIMMICKS, No FADS!??
Mike Dennis: 40 Littleton , Colorado
How many times have we heard the old saying-“Nothing changes IF nothing changes!” True statement! I was for years “That guy” –the guy who tried every fad diet-gimmick supplement pills with false promises on the labels-and countless hours with many different fitness trainers that got me NO WHERE…and besides the wasted time-and MONEY-that’s what happened to me- “NOTHING CHANGED”!!! I came to Athlean-X simply by looking for a good back exercise routine on google one day-and the first video I saw was Athlean-X.
I decided at that point I was going to commit to one thing AND ONE THING ONLY-Athlean-X The Athlean-X program completely changed the way I viewed my training-nutrition-and routines irreparably! No longer was I distracted with what other guys were doing to achieve their personal goals-I had something that was mine and it WORKS!!! The videos-Express tips-and Jeff’s vast knowledge of the elite athletic programs is what I use as the basis for all my training-and most importantly-how I changed my nutrition and eating habits (No more will I use the term diet!). I am veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan-and one of the most important qualities I got from my military career was Discipline-This has helped to stay the course from the Athlean-X program-and after nearly 6 months of hard work and Jeff’s coaching(Via my laptop screen!), I have decreased my body fat by nearly 10 percent! I am crushing my workouts in the gym-and have incorporated a no nonsense application to my Burst training sessions and it is the MOST effective approach to losing the BODY FAT and increasing the LEAN MUSCLE-also I am committed to the Athlean RX supplements-so no more will I even step into a Vitamin Shoppe or GNC and waste money on products that I know nothing about! Jeff you have given me the insight on how to train like and LOOK like an Athlete at huge discounted cost!!! Guys – this is the REAL DEAL and it works! I have transformed from just an average guy in the gym-to the guy who gets IT DONE RIGHT and is looking more like an athlete every day. I stay humble-remain teachable-work hard-and am COMMITTED to what works for me-TEAM ATHLEAN!!!! Jeff I want to personally Thank you (as does my wife!) for what you have brought to guys like me!!!!! ?
Gordon Tomazic Gordon Tomazic
Done – Gordon Tomazic – “FLASH” Gordon Gets Super Hero JACKED!!!??
Gordon Tomazic : 38 Calgary , Alberta
I watched many of the YouTube videos you posted and then finally decided to join TEAM ATHLEAN by buying into AX-2. My results are fantastic and all that I can say is that I truly enjoy the challenges you put forth and tips you provide. Your guidance and knowledge and creation of ATHLEAN-X is superb. My gym buddies know called me crazy because my work ethic was always above their own. The only problem was that I didn't see the results, until I changed my nutrition and the way I exercised.
In a few short days at the age of 37, I can honestly say, I am in the best shape I've ever been. Now my gym buddies have given me the nickname of Flash! aka Gordon.  
Alaeddine Rafei Alaeddine Rafei
Alaeddine Rafei – Achieves AMAZING Results??
Alaeddine Rafei: 24 Mohammedia, Morocco
I've been following ATHLEAN-X for a year now. I've gone through AX-1 and AX-2 twice. I've got amazing results. It's really been a whole new lifestyle for me, I had never went to a gym before or thought I would ever go to one. It's awesome and Jeff really did a great job with this program.
I would like to thank Jeff not only for the program but for looking out for us as well. Your like a big brother! Hello to all the other TEAM ATHLEAN members out there keep up the hard work. ?
Frederik Homaa Frederik Homaa
Frederik Homaa – Girlfriend Seeing Benefits of His Hard Work!??
Frederik Homaa: 24 Aarhus, Denmark
Thank you Jeff for an amazing program. It has helped me make a huge changes to my lifestyle. The workouts are short and intense. The 6 Pack Promise has helped so much change up my ab routine. The meal plan is very easy to follow and prepare, my girlfriend even likes it.  
I would like to thank Jeff not only for the program but for looking out for us as well. Your like a big brother! Hello to all the other TEAM ATHLEAN members out there keep up the hard work. ?
Robert Reid Robert Reid
Robert Reid – Promises Lifelong Loyalty to ATHLEAN-X??
Robert Reid: 27 Virginia Beach, Virginia
I've been following ATHLEAN-X for about 3 years now, when I first started it I fell in love with it. You work every part of your body in this program and it will help you get in the best shape possible. I am also an ATHLEAN-RX supplement user and can't say enough good things about them, best on the market go check them out.
Jeff you are an inspiration to me, this program has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and I will continue to follow ATHLEAN-X for the rest of my life. ?
Julian Malloy Julian Malloy
Julian Malloy – Impresses Entire Family With His Gains (AND LOSSES!)??
Julian Malloy: 35 Montclair, New Jersey
You were right Jeff all we had to do was listen to you. Your workouts and advice and your meal plan and the results will come. You can see in my before and after pictures, I got the results for sure. I want to thank you for all your time and effort you put into the program and into bringing us a quality product that you truly care about.
I love it, it has changed my life for sure. ?
Jonas Peterson
Jonas Peterson – Serious Muscle Gains in Just 2 Months (45 Minute Workouts!)??
Jonas Peterson : 18 Copenhagen , Denmark
I found ATHLEAN-X when I was searching the internet trying to get into better shape. I ended up finding Jeff's YouTube channel and decided to join ATHLEAN-X and see what results I could get. What I loved about the program was how short but effective the workouts are. Being a student I'm in school for most of the day and then have to come home to study and work on other things so the workouts being under 45 minutes it is very easy to fit them into my schedule.
Jeff and the rest of ATHLEAN-X you ROCK keep up the good work.  
Stuart Cohen
Stuart Cohen – Loyal YouTube Follower Commits To Full Program (JACKED!)??
Stuart Cohen: 24 Sylmar, California
I just finished the ATHLEAN-X training program and I can not speak highly enough of it. I've been watching Jeff's YouTube videos for over 4 years and finally decided that it was time to buy the program and try it for myself. Even though you are watching the videos online it really does feel like Jeff is coaching you with the daily and weekly videos in the program so you are never not sure how to do something.
I've very excited to start AX-2 in the next week and continue with these gains.  
Akira Suen Akira Suen
Akira Suen – Hardgainer Defies Genetics (Adds Significant Size!)??
Akira Suen : 27 Hong Kong, China
I love the ATHLEAN-X training system very much. There are hundreds of effective exercises, many of which you won't find anywhere else! I really loved the burst workouts because they were very short and effective, not time consuming and boring like I was used to. I was surprised how addictive the challenges were, because each time I went through the program I wanted to beat my past score and see where I stacked up against other TEAM ATHLEAN members.
Jeff you are the man! ?
Neil Burne
Neil Burne – ATHLEAN X Becomes His RELIGION??
Neil Burne: 51 Waikota , New Zealand
Thanks Jeff for a great program. I found you on YouTube and haven't looked back since. Your exercises are always changing and safe, which helps someone overcoming past injuries. I've been training for a few years and was always bulking up but never cutting down I thought that you had to do the two separately.
Well Jeff shows us that isn't true. I recommend it to my friends and they have seen the difference in me as well. Thanks to the whole team for everything you guys do.